Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow, snow, snow!!!

This was Malachi's first time seeing snow at our house. Last year, we took him up to my in-laws house in the hills of Stayton after they had had a good snow. He wasn't walking yet, so all he could do is sit in it and he got tired of it quite quickly. This year didn't turn out to be much different. We woke up Sunday morning to it falling...which he found so very exciting! He just stood at the back window and pointed, saying "snow, snow, snow" repeatedly and asking to go outside. Once it stopped falling, he seemed to care less and when we went to Grammy and Boppa's house last night, he refused to touch it and only walked in it if he had no other choice. This afternoon, we bundled him up and took him to the front yard and put him down in the grass. He suddenly forgot how to walk altogether. Even if we offered him our hand to help, we would just stay put. He looked around for a couple of minutes and enjoyed it for just a second before starting to whine a bit and asking to come inside. I was able to get a couple good pictures, along with a few pathetic ones. Here ya go!
Laughing at Daddy as he pulled the garbage can up from the street.
Enjoying himself and even clapping a little...
...or not. I am definitely done! Thanks anyways!

I guess we'll have to try again next time. Maybe if we try Grandma and Papa's again later, he'll like it better since he will have cousins to play with!!

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