Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Vocabulary!

This last week has brought lots of new words. Some of them are really cute, like "I see you!" when peeking around a corner. Others make me a little nervous, like "I say so" in response to someone asking him his opinion on something. This new phrase made me laugh..."We're all going to die!!" imitation of one of the animals in trouble on the movie The Wild. But this one takes the cake. Tonight, less than an hour ago, Malachi was "sitting" on the couch with me and while moving around, lost his balance and went headfirst into my sensitive pregnant chest. Samuel asked me what was the matter after he heard me groan and I said (without thinking, obviously!!) "he just headbutted me in the boob!!". (can I say that?? Hopefully you aren't offended...I won't say it again!! :) For the rest of the evening before bed, he walked around saying the new word. Of course Daddy asked him where Malachi's were and he knew exactly were to point. Oy!! This is a word we have been careful about and all it took was one slip??? I guess little ones pay more attention than we realize, huh??


Rochelle said...

as i said on fb...welcome to boys. the infatuation starts early. he will grow out of it for awhile at least.

Teresa said...

Good one! It is amazing what they pick up and yet they can't seem to hear you when you need them to do something... :)