Monday, March 23, 2009

Sapphira Update

This morning I had an OB appointment. Samuel and I have been cold/flu (no puking thank God!!!) sick since last night and are definitely not feeling well. Dr said I can take basically anything I want at this point and DayQuil seems to be doing the trick!! Can't wait to take a NyQuil so I can actually sleep tonight!! Anyway, he said the non-stress test looked great and that I looked very good (other than the cold!). He hasn't been telling me how big she is measuring, but he did say today that I will not be going to my due date (4/15) and he guesses another 2 weeks (if she was born 2 weeks from today, that would be my birthday...I think that would be great!!). Can you believe that?!? There have been times when this pregnancy has just dragged on and on, but now all of the sudden, things are starting to go very quickly. She'll be here before we know it!!! I can hardly wait to meet her and be able to look into her eyes and just snuggle. Yay!!


Teresa said...

Can't wait!!!!! :) Hope you all feel better soon and get some rest before sweet little Sapphira comes!

Anonymous said...

I am so happpy for you and glad every thing is going well at your ob appointments. Hope your feeling better. Keep us updated as you get closer to meeting your sweet Sapphira.