Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a week!!!

This week has been dubbed the "sicky" week at our house. After feeling cold-ish all weekend, I woke up Monday morning with the most terrible cold I can remember having recently...chills, sore throat, scratchy voice, awful cough...not fun at all. I called in sick to work, and went to my OB appointment and he told me I could take DayQuil and NyQuil since I am so far along and to go home, sleep and drink lots of water (which I gladly did!!!). Malachi woke up from his nap with his right eye swollen and matted shut. I wanted to make sure that it wasn't irritated from a cat hair or something, but when he woke up screaming hysterically during the night because he couldn't open his eye, we knew that he had a fabulous case of conjunctivitis.
Tuesday, since my symptoms seemed better, I went back to work, which probably wasn't a great idea since I came home feeling really worn down and crummy. We took Malachi in after work and sure enough, he had conjunctivitis but also ear infections, which I was a little surprised at. He hadn't been playing with his ears or really even acting cranky. Actually that kind of turned out to be a good thing since he prescribed him an oral antibiotic instead of an eye drop. Malachi is really good at taking medicine by mouth, but I was a little concerned about drops. Once we got home, the pressure Samuel had been feeling in his ears for a little while from the cold, turned into sharp pains, so he took himself to urgent care and came home with amoxicillian for an ear infection as well.
Wednesday, I woke up with swollen and matted eyes, very sore ears and throat and feeling even worse than I did on Monday, so again I called in sick and made myself an appointment with a primary care physician to have this looked at. He looked at my ears and throat and wrote a prescription for amoxicillian and a cough syrup with codeine in it. I asked him if I had an ear infection, trying to get an idea about what was wrong with me and he said "I haven't looked at your ears yet. Let me finish this note and I'll look." Samuel and I looked at each other...he had already done that. The doctor hands me the two prescriptions, tells me to get them filled, and heads out the door. Soooooo...I'm guessing I also have an infection of some kind, hence the antibiotics. I'll have to ask my OB if this doctor made any notes that he can see to find out what my issue was. I took the cough syrup after's supposed to make you drowsy so I wanted to wait until bedtime, but just couldn't put it off any longer...and fell asleep on the couch about 1 hour later and woke up about 16 hours later. That was nice!!! :) I have been taking it each evening since then and it hasn't had that effect on me again. I must have been really tired!!!
Thursday, I went to my non-stress test at the hospital. It was weird because they ended up putting me in a labor and delivery room instead of one of the smaller triage rooms since they were so busy. I was lying there looking all around thinking to myself, not too much longer!!! It was kind of comforting and nerve wracking at the same time! I am getting the tests done twice a week because of my gestational diabetes, but since I have had pre-eclampsia with both of the other kids, they are watching for that, too. Sure enough, my first couple blood pressure readings were too high, so they checked for protein in my urine. That came back fine and about an hour into the 15-20 minute test, they finally got a blood pressure reading they were satisfied with. That sure makes your heart skip a beat or two!! I'll be 38 weeks on crazy!! I guess we'll see what my OB has to say when I see him on Wednesday!
So I have to say that I am kind of glad this week is over. I hate wishing time away, but this was a week I could have definitely gone without! I am so thankful that we are on the mend and hopefully things will calm down in the sicky department before Sapphira makes her appearance. Hope you all have a good week!

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Teresa said...

Wow girl!!! That sounds like a "sicky" week for sure! I am glad that you all were able to get the care you needed and the medicine you needed to start feeling better! I hope this week is a better one, as you prepare for the addition, maybe even this week?!?!?! :)