Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Blog Look!

Don't you just love it??? I spent a couple hours this evening playing with my blog after stumbling onto Shabby Blogs...they have a whole bunch of backgrounds, buttons, dividers, and more for your blogger blog for free!!!...and also Kevin and Amanda...who have hundreds of free handwriting and scrapbooking fonts to download. Both sites have awesome tutorials that make customizing your blog super easy. I can't wait to fiddle around a little more with things!!!!! :)

Oh and by the way...Kevin and Amanda can make your handwriting into a font for free!! Yes, free! I can't wait to submit mine!


Bree said...

LOVE IT! I am trying to figure out how to move back to blogger...I moved to Typepad because I wanted to do stuff like this- and now you can't do anything as cute as blogger lets you do now! and its all free!!!

Teresa said...

I found that site a few months ago and LOVE it!!! I love your new look! :)

The Mentzers said...

I love your blog. Can you help me with my header. I can't figure out how to put the picture in the space and my header title in the right space.