Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Please pray!!!!!

Samuel got a call earlier this afternoon from the hiring manager for the State job he just interviewed for. They are trying to check his references and since they are all in the private sector, he aren't allowed to say more than "yes he worked here". The State requires that they get an indication of what type of worker he was, so Samuel's references aren't giving them what they want. If they don't get the answers they want, they won't hire him even if everything else is perfect. Samuel gave them the personal number for one of his previous managers so hopefully he will give them more information. Please pray that if this is the perfect job, the State will be satisifed with what they are able to get!!!!!

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Teresa said...

Keep us posts...I hope it works out! That seems crazy that they can pass on someone because the can't get someone to "talk". I hope that the personal number will help and he gets the job!!! I am sure it is hard to know he is THIS CLOSE!!!! AHHHHH I am praying!