Monday, October 19, 2009

10.18.09--Pumpkin Patch

After a failed attempt at going on Saturday, we made it to the pumpkin patch yesterday afternoon. Along with our 4, my parents, brother and his girlfriend, in-laws and our two nieces all joined in on the fun. The weather turned out to be just right and all 4 kids had a blast! We picked out a good size pumpkin for Natalie and a little one for Sapphira and told Malachi he could pick one pumpkin to take home. We figured he would end up picking one in the middle. But sure enough, he walked up to one of the larger ones in the field, started poking it and said to Samuel, "take home, Daddy". He watched Samuel load it in the wheelbarrow and took off to play with out even considering another one the entire time! It ended up being 40 pounds!! hahaha bigger than he is!!

The girls and Malachi picked daisies for Grandma...turns out they are her favorite!


Rochelle said...

such cutie pies!!! looks like you had a blast!! sorry it has been so long since i commented....fb has sucked away my blog time :)

nandjfridley said...

So cute amy! I love Malachi's boots! Glad you had fun!