Thursday, January 28, 2010

1.9.10--Addy's Birthday!

Our niece, Addy turned four on the 12th! She and Natalie are 2 months apart, so it is a bit bittersweet to watch her grow up! Since the girls had swimming lessons on her actual birthday, she decided to celebrate on Saturday instead so she could have more time to play! She had been pining after a play kitchen at Costco, so Grandma and Papa surprised her with that, and we got her a metal pan set, and I made some more felt food for her. She opened our presents first, and although she liked them, you could tell that all this food-themed stuff had her a bit confused. She discovered her kitchen at the very end and was sooooo excited!!

He couldn't figure out that he needed to blow really hard to make the horn make noise, so he would just make his own noise while he blew!

The party kids
Opening her new pots and pans
"That's the one from Costco!" Other than that she was pretty speechless :)
Christening the kitchen
Princess cake!
I made her pancakes with butter and syrup, sunnyside up eggs, and bacon for breakfast;
Sandwiches with white or wheat (not shown) bread, cheese, meat, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles, and "A" for Addy brand tortilla chips for lunch;
and chicken legs, carrots, and bowtie pasta for dinner. I also made some more strawberries since that was the prized possession from Christmas. :)
Playing together...they would take turns making us some food and bringing it to us to sweet!
Birthday aftermath!

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Teresa said...

Your food is adorable!!! You did an amazing job girl!!!! It looks like a great party and it is so special to see her showered with love!!!! Happy birthday Addy!!!