Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2.21.10--Fun at the beach!

Since the weather continued to be so wonderful, we decided to go to the beach after Sunday School with Grandma, Papa, Addy and Bella. We ate a picnic lunch and headed for the sand. I was a bit apprehensive since the last time we went, Malachi spent the first 30 minutes crying because his feet were dirty, and I didn't know what to expect from Sapphira since she hadn't been old enough to play on the sand. My fears were unnecessary because both of the kids took to the beach instantly.
Sapphira with cousin Bella; not sure what to think about touching the sand for the first time; this is pretty fun!; what little boy wouldn't want to dig all day long!?!

Sapphira trying her hand at digging; running and running and running!; snuggling with Daddy; Bella, Malachi and Daddy wave jumping.

The girls before hitting the beach; Sapphira sat and watched Malachi for a bit...I think she was trying to figure out what to do; this feels strange on my hands (right after this shot, she took her first bite of sand...wasn't sure about the new texture, but must have decided it was pretty good because she shoved a bunch more in her mouth before I could stop her. I think that girl ended up eating a bucket full of sand...oy!); sweet sandy toes :)

Crawling, and crawling, and crawling; she thought that shovel was pretty awesome; couldn't keep the rocks out of her mouth, either!; pulling up on Daddy's legs (notice all the sand on her mouth! hehehe The sand in her hair took a bit of work to get out!)

Taking a break with Mommy; a step-by-step explanation of Malachi's day at the beach--look for rocks to put in the bucket, take the bucket to the stream, throw them in the stream--now repeat over and over and over... :)

Playing and talking with Bella; Did I mention digging??; loving the sunny day!; Happy girl

We had sooooo much fun! Malachi's day was made complete when he got to go home with Grandma and take a "bubba baf" (bubble bath) with his cousins and spend the night! Grandma said he slept good and his took an awesome nap the next day, too! Sapphira was out exactly 4 minutes after we left the beach, slept the whole way home, and fell asleep at 8 pm that night...she has never gone to bed that early before!!! I'm thinking we may have more beach days in our future! :)

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