Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sapphira's Birthday

FYI...I can't believe I am already planning Sapphira's 1st birthday!! It's less than a month away!!! Crazy!!!!

A couple weeks ago, we were driving in the car and I told Malachi that Sapphira's birthday was coming up. I asked him what should we have at Sapphira's party. He thought for a little bit and he whispered with a really excited look on his face, "Candles!". "Ok, that's a great idea! Anything else you think we should have?" "Sparkles!" I couldn't hear what he was saying, so I asked him to repeat himself and he said again, "Sparkles...glitter and sparkles!". "Oh, she would like that! What colors should her party be?" "Orange" (of course...his favorite color!). "Any other colors?" "Strawberry, Momma." "So should we have pink?" "Yup, uh-huh, yup." "Oooo, that will be pretty. Now since it is her birthday, you need to get her a present. What would you like to get her for a present?" (Ok, so I'm thinking to myself that he will say a tow truck or bulldozer, something that he would like...) He thinks to himself for a minute, and says, "A little teddy bey-uh (bear). An orange teddy bey-uh." "Do you want to go to the store and look for one?" "Yup, a orange teddy bey-uh". Soooooooooo sweet!! I love that he is starting to reason things out and make choices and that his choices are starting to become considerate of others. He loves his sister so much!!!

Ok, so who knew that finding an orange teddy bear in this town would be so difficult. Toys-r-us, nope. Walmart, nope. Dollar Tree, nope. Both Targets, nothing. We have been showing him other stuffed animals when we go places, but he doesn't like any of them. He found a cute stuffed husky dog at Toys-r-us that he liked, but I knew that it wasn't what he said he wanted to get her. When we were at one of the Targets the other day, I brought him several stuffed animals (none of them orange) to show him. He liked a chunky owl and hedgehog-type of animal. I asked him which one he wanted to get for Sister, he looked between the two toys and threw this one in the sweet. So here is the gift Malachi picked especially for Sapphira...

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Teresa said...

I LOVE the gift he picked out!!! It is adorable :)