Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poor Sister!!!

The Tuesday after we went to the beach, Sapphira started struggling with a low grade fever, runny nose and cough. The fever was never over 100 and didn't seem to bother her too much, just made her a tiny bit cranky, so we treated it with Tylenol. By Friday, the fever was gone, but the runny nose and cough remained. We didn't think too much of it since the rest of us were struggling with that, too. Fast forward to last Friday night...she got a 102.4 temperature that came right down with Tylenol. Saturday morning brought more of the same, so we called and got her in with her doctor. She diagnosed her with a "probable sinus infection" and gave her antibiotics to kick it. Saturday evening, she came down with a 104.7 fever...eek!!! We called the nurse on call and she said to give her Tylenol, do a sponge bath and to take her to the hospital if it got to 105. Poor little girl...she just laid on my chest and stared at the wall...she sure didn't feel well. The fever came down to 101-102ish and she started acting better. Sunday morning, Sapphira and I stayed home while the boys went to church. My brother's birthday was Monday so we gathered for his birthday lunch that afternoon. We gave her Tylenol before we headed out. About one hour after the medicine she was at 102-something...10 minutes later (you could see her starting to feel crummy) it was 103-something...and just a couple minutes later it was above 104. She wasn't due for any medicine for several hours, so we decided to take her to the hospital. Malachi stayed and ate lunch with everyone and GaGa and Boppa took care of him while we were gone. They gave her some Motrin when we got there and after about an hour, the "regular" Sapphira started coming back. After waiting in the waiting area for 3 hours, we finally got called back to a room, got some chest and sinus x-rays (sooooo traumatic for her!! I felt so bad!). The doctor concluded that she just has some sort of virus since the x-rays were clear and after a total of 6 hours, sent us home with instructions to continue giving her Tylenol and Ibuprofen regularly for a couple days regardless if she had a fever or not and see what happens. Each day since she has shown a bit of improvement, but today, she is acting like her sweet-self. Playing and crawling and trying to keep up with brother! I hope that is the end of it!

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