Sunday, March 28, 2010

3.16.10--Natalie's Heaven Day

This year, we felt like we needed to call Natalie's anniversary something Malachi could understand better, so we decided to celebrate Natalie's Heaven Day. We told him that this was her Heaven Birthday and about how lucky she was to live in Heaven with Jesus. Malachi decided that she had a house there with Jesus and Duke (our dog who recently passed away) and that Duke ate dog food and Natalie and Jesus ate regular food. Last year was the first year that we let off balloons, and since that seemed to interest Malachi last year, we decided to do it again. Malachi and Daddy went to the store and picked out 4 lavender balloons for Natalie, a pink one for Sapphira, and Malachi picked out a green one for himself. After nap time, we went into the backyard and we explained again what today was, who the balloons were for, and that we were letting them go so that Natalie could have them for her party in Heaven. They floated away quickly, but we were able to follow them for quite awhile. We had friends over for dinner, which was a nice diversion for us...thank you God for good friends. These are the same friends who found out that we missed church on Sunday because of Natalie's birthday and brought us over a huge dinner (including our favorite sodas...they remembered!) and some beautiful flowers. Not everyone would go out of their way like that...we were so touched! Anyways...I digress...
Each year, we are taking a picture of our family on either Natalie's birthday or anniversary. This year's took place right before we let the balloons go. Didn't think an automatic timer and tripod would be so handy!!

Thank you Lord for blessing our family with Natalie. Thank you for the time we were able to spend with her and thank you for your promise that we can be with her again. Snuggle her close and rock her until we get there!

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