Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4.4.10--Easter Sunday

Nothing out of the ordinary this year...just spending time worshipping at church and with family. Our pastor talked a lot about Heaven this year and his word pictures (although I can't remember any of them to save my life!) brought me to tears several time during the sermon...I just can't wait to get to Heaven and run and jump and bury myself into the arms of Jesus and then have Him hand me Natalie so I can snuggle her again...how wonderful will that be?!?!? Anyways...bunny trail! :)

We spent the afternoon with Samuel's parents and our nieces. We ate yummy lunch, searched for Easter eggs, and took good naps. So much fun! Here are some pictures of my gussied up kiddos!!! (It was next to impossible to get good pictures of them this year...but I love that they are being silly in the good ones...totally indicative of their personalities and interaction with one another this year. I just love these little ones!!!)

She was playing with his ear and he kept saying it tickled. This little girl loves her big brother!
I just love little boys in ties...soooo sweet!

Still having a bit of a time standing up...she was reaching out like help me!!!

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