Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have been having so much fun creating lately...I love seeing an idea online and being able to recreate it!!! Like I accomplished something! Here are some of my recent creations!
This is a headband I made for a birthday gift for my friend at work. She is a fitness instructor, so I thought it might be fun to have something pretty for her hair but that was practical, too.

I also made this scarf for my friend's birthday. I had promised to make her this in January...ooops! Hope ruffles are still in next winter! I used scraps from this project to make the headband.
This is a yoga mat strap which I also made for my friend. She uses a yoga mat when she teaches, so I thought this would be practical (and cute!!) for her.
Here's a more up close view...I made button holes to turn the fabric into the loops. I never knew buttonholes could be so easy!!!
Here is a doll I made for Mr. B. This was my first boy doll...I think it turned out kinda cute...I just love the tie! :)
Here is a dolly for Miss. N. (Sorry about the poor quality of the dolly pictures...I made these (and gave them to the recipients) at an overnighter for my mom's group. I thought the pictures turned out pretty decent for taking them at 2 am with my phone! hehehe)
These are the tissue paper pom-poms I made for Sapphira's party. They are so fun and cheery! I think I will hang the white and pink ones above her crib.
I finished this wreath this afternoon. These are some silk flowers from our wedding. They have been sitting around for almost 8 years now and I finally found something to do with them. I covered the Styrofoam wreath with the leaves from the bouquet and then put globs of hot glue every so often and smooshed the flowers into the glue...so precise and technical! :) I just love the way this turned out!
Thanks for humoring me!! Have a great day!!!
Creations by Kara


StephanieThorp said...

Love the tissue paper pom poms...I am so doing that for the girls' room tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

You have sure been busy! Great projects, thanks for linking up. :)