Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baby Clothes and Sweet Shoes

This was my first attempt at making clothes for anyone other than my kids. Little Mr. M's mom seemed to be pleased, so I hope they work ok. I didn't realize making little knit pants was so stinkin' easy...I also made Sister a pair to keep her knees from turning black and blue when she's crawling in a skirt. I think there will be more of these little guys to come!!! These are Sapphira's new shoes!! I think there will be many more of these, too! I made them last night since she didn't have any shoes to go with her outfit today...her tiny feet are too little for the size 3 sandals we have for her, but I didn't feel like putting her in sneakers and capris! They were so easy also...under an hour from cutting out the pattern pieces from the package to ready to wear! So fun! Wish they came in my size! :)


e miller photography-Salem Oregon Photography said...

Those shoes are darling! When are you going to open you etsy shop

Teresa said...

Nice JOB AMY!!! I totally agree with Beth...go for and Etsy shop!!!