Saturday, May 8, 2010

Super Why Birthday!!!

I can't believe my little boy is turning 3!!!! How can that be?!? This year, Malachi asked to have a Super Why birthday party (his favorite TV show). We used some toys of the characters to decorate his cake (which had to be green, by the way, because he asked for a "Super Why cake". Daddy did a good job coloring and baking the cakes!). He also asked for his party to be at the park this year, so we did some heavy duty praying this week...that weather earlier this week really had me worried! Obviously, the Lord answered our prayers, since today was so beautiful. It was a perfect day to be outside!!! Thank you Lord!1. Super Why cake! 2. Playing before the party started. 3. Boppa and GaGa got him a Super Why costume complete with a Super Writer! So exciting!!!!

1. Meet Super Why! :) He ran around the park with his arms out like he was flying and yelling "Super Why to the rescue!!!" while "zapping" letters! 2. GaGa and Boppa dressed like Super Why also. He thought that was pretty cool!. 3. Bobo and Super Why. 4. Bobo got Malachi a hockey set with a soft puck and stick, but these Malachi-sized gloves (glubs in Malachi-ese!) were very exciting!

1. He spent most of the party in character. 2. GaGa and Boppa also got him a talking Scoop from Bob the Builder. That was quite a hit! 3. Showing GG his new Super Why toy (from Mommy and Daddy) and what Super Why does. 4. Super Letters!!! I put these letters around the area we were sitting and the kids had to find them so they could get their goody bags. Malachi was so excited when he figured out they spelled his name!

1. Playing with Scoop in the much fun!!! 2. Playing with his best friend. The John Deere one was given to him by Grandma and Papa. They had so much fun playing with grass, sticks, and dirt. What good is a tractor if you can't get it dirty?!?

Can't forget about Sister!!! 1. Blowing kisses! As she goes, they start coming from her ear and eventually the top of her head! So sweet! 2. Playing in the grass. She still isn't sure about the texture, but I finally got her to crawl in in today! 3. Balloons are so much fun! Oh and she stood independently for the first time today! She has never done it consciously before and did it three or four times today for at least 10 seconds each time. She even worked at balancing herself and did really step closer to walking. Not sure I'm excited about that or not! ;)
Today was just so much fun! We played and played and played!! One funny thing from today was when we wanted to sing and blow out the candle. He didn't like the fact that he had to stop playing in the dirt to be sung to and then when we couldn't keep his candle lit, he freaked out and started crying and yelling, "NO! Don't sing to me!!! Don't sing to me!" and put his head down on the table...oh my! He had maybe two bites of cake and went back to playing! Oh well, I guess that's what a party is for, right?!? He got so many new and fun toys to play with...bath tub letters, letter and number magnets, Lincoln logs, a Match Box combine and garbage truck, Super Why puzzle, a Match Box cars garage set and several cars to go in it, a hand dyed and appliqued Super Why shirt (from Miss Lacy)...gee, I'm sure I'm forgetting something great! What a great day!! Hope you all had a wonderful day just like us!!! :)

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monkeyDluffy said...

I am going to do a Superwhy party for my daughter this week. I just searched google for some ideas. I love the activities you thought of! Thank you!

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