Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Malachi!!

How can it be that my little boy is three?? Doesn't seem fair!!

This year we wanted to get Malachi a swing set for his birthday. Daddy spent several nap times building it for him. Yesterday, we kept the blinds closed while we were at home so he wouldn't see it...I guess it was good that it was Mother's Day because that meant we didn't spent a whole lot of time at home! This morning, Samuel woke up early and put the swings up and opened the window so he would notice it. When he got out in the living room, Malachi was looking every but out the window. We had to ask him questions to try to get him to look outside..."Where's Sadie?" She was on the other side of the yard so that didn't help. "Wow Malachi! It rained last night!" He looked everywhere but the swing set. "Malachi do you see any birds?" There were some on the deck again on the other side of the yard. Finally a bird that he was watching flew over by the swing set so he noticed it. First, he gasped and held his arms out. Then the crouched down like he was trying to get a better look at it. That turned into jumping up and down while yelling "Yaaaaaaay!!!" "Would you like to go swing, Malachi?" "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!" So all three of us went out in our coats and jammies to swing. He even said "This is the best present ever!" Good job, Daddy! :)

Oh and we had to dig this morning, too!

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