Monday, September 27, 2010

9.17.10--Mr Incredible!!!

***I have posted pictures of Malachi in this costume before, but we had taken a "Mr Incredible break" lately and just rediscovered the costume a couple days ago. I have a hard time with this movie since they are killing the bad guys and have tried several times to get this off of our frequently watched list, but that has been unsucessful...oy...thankfully VeggieTales has taken the top spot on that list! We have been loving our Madame Blueberry!!! :) Anyways...on to the story! :)***

We have been on a Mr Incredible costume kick lately! The minute he wakes up, he wants to wear the outfit and wears it until he gets too much food on it, we have to go somewhere or outside, or he gets too sweaty in it! :) One morning, he wore it, his green mask, and his red rain boots to Daddy's work to bring him a coffee! Too bad we can't go inside Daddy's work so no one got to see his really cool outfit! :) Here are some pictures I snapped one morning while we were waking up to the movie! (btw...I had the Thursday and Friday off that week...we had such a good time just spending the days together...playing outside, running errands...just being a family! I just love my kiddos!).

Mr Incredible watching Mr Incredible!

Man I love this kid!!!

Sister joining in the fun with her "wake up" bottle!

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Jessica said...

So amazingly cute!!! My cousin's little boy wanted to wear a pumpkin costume (and did) at Easter dinner LOL! <3