Sunday, October 24, 2010


I was wondering the aisles at Joann's, looking for something to make with Malachi, when the idea to make spiders for Halloween came to mind. Three or so dollars later, I came home with the following supplies...I simply cut the pipe cleaners in half, bent the halves in half and twisted two together at the bends so I had four legs. I hot glued (I can't live without that hot glue gun anymore...who know it had sooooo many uses!) two sets of legs to the bottom on the pom-pom and then gave Malachi some Elmer's glue and the googl-y eyes to attach where ever he wanted. He had so much fun creating! We hung them up on my old wooden window frame above the kitchen much fun!


Jessica said...

Super cute! I love them!! :)

Angela said...

Sooo cool!