Sunday, October 24, 2010

Leaf Garland

I thought Malachi's spiders looked a little lonely, so when I came across a package of 75 silk leaves for $1 in the dollar spot at Target, I grabbed them with an idea in my head. All I needed was my sewing machine, a fall-ish color of thread, and the leaves...and don't forget your lovely assistant!! :) I sorted out the colors...
and then ran each leaf through my machine, and continued sewing in between each leaf to get the space between each one. I found it worked best if I pulled on the last leaf I sewed while I did this since it seemed like the machine wouldn't make thread come out when sewing on nothing. I also started out the project back stitching on each leaf, but since they are made of such thin material, the would get all bunched up and look weird. The leaves that I didn't back stitch on seem just as stable without it.See...don't they look so much happier now that they have something to play with? :)
I guessti-measured that I ended up with over 20 feet of garland all for $1...can't beat that!!!

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