Saturday, September 18, 2010

9.4.10--The Zoo!!!

Two Saturdays ago, we all woke up earlier than normal and had nothing to do. Samuel suggested heading up to the zoo, so off we went! It was a bit busier than all the other times we have gone, but nothing too bad! This was Sapphira's first trip since she became mobile and interested in everything, so we all had tons of fun!
We had to park in overflow parking and be shuttled to the zoo in a school bus...this had to be Malachi's favorite part by far! :)

These are the bright yellow birds that caught her attention last time we were here...she loved them again this time around!
The best I got when trying to take their picture in front of an exhibit. Malachi decided he didn't want to take a picture...goober!
I made him sit on the bench since he was being naughty and Sapphira asked to get up, too. I put her next to him and told him to hold onto her so she wouldn't fall off. They instantly started giggling! Love them!
I am so thankful that they really do love each other (most of the time!) This one's getting printed! :)
Malachi liked this monkey because he could get such a close up look at it, but apparently the monkey didn't because it kept baring it's teeth and hissing at him. Goodness!
Another highlight was watching the bird show on the main stage. A vulture flew about a foot over our heads and landed on a perch right behind us. Both of the kids thought that was pretty cool.
What a great way to spend one of the last sunny weekends of the summer!

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Jessica said...

Great pictures! Your children are ALL so beautiful! :) Glad you had fun!!