Sunday, October 24, 2010

10.16.10--Pumpkin Time!!!

Praise the Lord for all the sunny weather we've had lately!!! We had an absolutely gorgeous day to pumpkin hunt. We were getting too hot in our long sleeves and I was kind of worried that I hadn't put sunscreen on the kids!!! We gathered together both sets of grandparents, Bobo, and the cousins and headed out to Wood Farms where my brother and I went as children. We found three perfect pumpkins for our front step and had a blast spending time together and playing.

Hitching a ride out to the field
ooooo...I can pick these up! She immediately started picking up the little ones and put them in a line. As soon as she saw this one, she picked it up and put it in the wheelbarrow and kept on walking. She didn't pick up any more after that! I have a picture like this of Malachi running every year he's been able to walk...something with this boy and open space. I just love him and all his energy. Sure make life interesting and wonderful!! Catching another ride with cousin Addy Investigating an interesting pumpkin with Boppa Making new friends
Talking with Grandma
Three generations
It was Grandma's birthday and her favorite flower is a daisy, so the kids picked some for her.
Showing Boppa a flower she picked all by herself.
As good as you get with these kids! ha
Our annual pumpkin patch family picture

There was a corn maze for the kids to explore as well. Malachi and his cousins spent at least 45 minutes running though it with which ever adult would go with them. Sapphira even walked through once on her own, only falling down twice. She just got right back up, wiped the dirt off her hands, and kept going. Needless to say, my kiddos took really good naps that afternoon!! :)

Looking back, I'm feeling a little sad that I don't have as many pictures of Malachi this year. He was just so busy exploring, playing and running, that I didn't have very many opportunities for good pictures of him this time around. I'm just so thankful he had so much fun!

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