Monday, December 6, 2010

12.5.10--Christmas Program

Yesterday, the little kids at church got to go up on stage to sing two songs for the congregation. This was Sapphira's first year, so it was pretty neat to see both of my kiddos up front. Malachi knew the songs, but did not sing once he got up there...bummer...he sings "Go tell it on the mountain" with quite a bit of gusto! :)

First service, Sapphira noticed me sitting on the floor at the front of the church and freaked out. I left the camera with Samuel, and ran up on stage to take her and sat with her in my lap next to the rest of her class. After a couple minutes, Malachi noticed me sitting with Sapphira and jumped down from his riser and snuggled in next to me. He kept saying over and over again, "Momma, I don't want to go back to Sunday School." I kept thinking to myself, how great is it that my son chose to sit next to me instead of with his friends? I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts! :) After we got both kiddos back to their classes, I met back up with Samuel and he told me that there was no memory card in the camera, so no pictures of the cuteness. Bummer...maybe Grandma will come through! :)

Before second service, I retrieved the memory card, so I actually got some pictures. Both kids did great and stayed on stage without Samuel or I helping them. Sapphira noticed me right away, but since she was sitting with one of my friends from work, she was comfortable and smiled and waved at me. A couple minutes later, she saw Daddy sitting in a different pew, and I could hear her yell, "Dada!!" and start laughing. Malachi decided that it would be a good idea to sit on his riser and peek around the person in front of him. He was tired since we had to wake him up to go to church that morning and apparently wasn't feeling the performance. Silly boy!

Looking around for us before going up on stage.
She found me! Look at that chubby little finger! Makes me giggle! :)
Hmmm...thinking about singing...then decided not to.
She found Daddy!
Taking a break, but have to keep an eye on everything. I love the pursed lips!
Coming down after getting done. He spotted me and is making a bee line. He didn't want to go back to Sunday School and suckered me into sitting with him in the foyer. Thank goodness for the matchbox car in my purse! :)

After church, we ate lunch with GaGa and Boppa at a Mexican restaurant. Between the kids, they finished 3/4 of a basket of chips and then each ate a good portion of their plates of beans and rice. I always pick Mexican restaurants whenever possible since I know that my kids will always eat there! Malachi kept asking when we were going to the "mexy-con place". :)

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