Sunday, December 5, 2010

12.3.10--Christmas tree hunting

Yesterday, we headed out to find this year's Christmas tree. Sapphira wasn't walking this time last year, so it was so much fun watching them both run, explore and play together.

She loved the texture of the tree branches.
Rubber boots with ruffled jeans...doesn't get much cuter! :)
Taking her turn with the tree cart. She could maneuver it better than Malachi did!
I just love this kid!
Open space demands running and running and running and...
Going straight...for the moment.
Hi, momma!
Walking in these boots requires concentration and tongue action!
Our tree...look the sky was even blue! What a gorgeous day!
Malachi thought the baler was very loud.


StephanieThorp said...

Cute post...from the sign it looks like they bale children for .50 cents!

Jessica said...

What cute photos! Thanks for sharing looks like it was fun time! :)