Monday, January 24, 2011


Most of these have already been posted on Facebook, but I wanted to post them here, too so I don't lose them!

Malachi: Momma, the stars are the kids and the moon is the mom. Me: Really, Malachi? Malachi: Yes, mom, they are all the gruls (girls) over here (pointing) and boys over there. There is a boy named Teddy Bear and he has a mustache, and there is a grul and she has a mustache, too and the baby has a mustache, too. Me: Oh wow, Malachi! That is interesting! Malachi: Yah, momma...that's in-tes-ting. :)

In the middle of her full fledged tantrum, Sapphira heard an airplane outside, stopped crying, said "a-pa-la" (airplane) and continued to scream.

Malachi started the day by flinging his breakfast all over the dining area wall and back door so he could be like the people having a cake fight on the TLC commercial. Later that evening, while doing laundry, I looked into the kitchen and found Malachi standing on a chair, emptying the salt shaker on the floor. He wanted to grow a rose and was planting some seeds...half a shaker's worth...oy.

"Mommy, I have a fever in my tummy and my germs are singing!" "Does that mean you are hungry?" "Yup!"

After watching her brother work on potty training for a couple days, Sapphira asked to use the potty today. Only problem with that is she thinks she needs to stand up and got mad at me when I sat her down...oy

Samuel, Sapphira and I were eating dinner at the mall while Malachi was at Cubbies, when Sapphira asked to take her shirt off. When I told her "No, we don't take our clothes off in public", she made a whole body gesture as if to say, "aw man!". We may have a nudist on our hands! But it does make my laundry pile smaller! :)

Sapphira loves to dance to upbeat songs and always stops what she is dong to do her best fist pumping moves to the theme song of Turbo Dogs, complete with head banging, hip wiggling, and the biggest smile! So cute!

The other day Malachi says to me, "Momma, if I ever see a lizard, I will dead it with my shoe." ha I laughed out loud!

The other night, Malachi decided didn't like the "teeter" tots we had with supper.

While sitting with Daddy in the recliner one evening, Sapphira woke herself up by saying "no!" in her sleep. She looked all around so confused like "what on earth is going on!" and snuggled back into Daddy's arms.

When trying to get ready to got someone recently, Malachi said to me with a totally straight face, "Momma, Jesus wants me to barf." What do I say to that?

Those are just some of the recent sillies to come from the Ramos household. I just love these kids...they make me giggle every day! :)

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