Monday, January 24, 2011


Sort of! :) At our house, shaving cream is called snow and playing with "snow" is quite a fun event! The last couple times Malachi has done it, Sapphira was not interested in the least bit because it is so messy. But this time was a different story.

Malachi showing Sister what to do.

Rubbing it all over her hands... ...and arms. Keep in mind that this is the little girl who needs to have a napkin at most meals to wipe her hands (in the event they get a single crumb or drop of something on them! ha) and then those napkins have to be lined up in specific places on the table. Silly girl!
Malachi loves to get out his tractors and scoop, plow, and see how large he can make the piles of snow. He's definitely all boy!
Messy girl is quite proud of herself!
Needless to say, these kiddos got baths afterwards!
I just love how a $1 bottle of shaving cream can provide hours of entertainment. I also makes my table very clean and my house smells great afterwards! I'd call that a win-win! :)