Tuesday, January 4, 2011

12.25.10--Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

Christmas morning was spent with Samuel's parents and our two nieces. We ate breakfast, opened presents, played for a while and then ate yummy Christmas lunch together.

Malachi gave Sapphira a Snow White ballerina doll...

...and Sapphira picked out a Mr. Potato Head head for Malachi (he calls it a Mr. Ma-tato Head. hehe)
She finally got her own laptop...so exciting!!!
He liked them! :)
My own strawberries!!!
The doll stroller was definitely the hit this year!
Malachi loved his new Woody doll.
Trying out his new Toy Story pillow and blanket. I think they work!
We got him a set of Trio blocks. They snap together pretty easily, say put together well and have tons of different types of pieces. They both play with these a lot.

After we relaxed and played for the rest of the afternoon, my parents came over to open presents, and eat leftovers for dinner.

Sapphira showing Boppa her stroller...told you she loved it! :)
She finally got her pillow pet!!
Matching Blazer shirts...Malachi was sooooo excited!
Malachi got one, too!
New play dishes!
Bobo got Sapphira the piggy bank I had been wanting for her, along with a whole sandwich baggie full of pennies! She has a lot of fun putting them all in her bank!
Boppa helping Malachi put together the new train tracks he and Gaga gave him. This was quite the exciting gift, too!

For as much stress as the days leading up to Christmas hold, they are so worth it when I get to see my kids play with toys they love, spend time with people they adore, and most importantly, begin to understand what Jesus did for us by coming to earth. Thank you Lord for your sacrifice and the opportunity to be able to celebrate You openly. We love you, Jesus!!!

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