Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4.1.11--Sapphira is TWO!!!!

Our little April Fool's girl is two years old! :) Some of Sapphira's absolute favorite things in the world are balloons (and one of her only intelligible words!) so we tied two balloons to her crib and one to Malachi's bed while they slept so they would be surprised when they woke up. Malachi woke up first and came into our room to wake me up like he does every morning and didn't even notice them. A few minutes later, I hear Sapphira crying because she wanted out of her crib. I found her lying on her back screaming at the ceiling, but not even seeing the balloons floating above her. I got her attention and pointed at them and she gasped and started kicking her legs. She quickly hopped up and started yanking on the strings like crazy...she was so excited!!!

Look at that smile...we made her day! Also...that hair...sigh. This girl has reinvented bed head! hehehe
I just love this girl! :)

Since her birthday party was on Saturday, we had her birthday dinner on her actual birthday. This is something that we want to be a tradition in our house...the birthday kid picking out where they want to have dinner for their birthday. Obviously Sapphira couldn't tell us where she wanted to go this year, so we went to Mongolian BBQ, since they have something for everyone. GaGa, Boppa, Grandma, Papa, Addy and Bella all joined us for yummy supper.

GaGa and Boppa gave her a pretty pink pinwheel and a little dolly, and Grandma and Papa brought her two more balloons tied to a cute purse filled with candy. So fun!
Happy girl...spending time with all the people she loves so much!
We left with full tummies and happy hearts! Our sweet girl is two...can hardly believe it!

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Ausmerican Housewife said...

That was our birthday tradition growing up. The birthday person chose what they wanted for their dinner (and mom or dad made it), or which restaurant they wanted to go to.

With my hubby's family, it's pizza and chocolate cake for your birthday. For my 27th, we went *out* for pizza and had cake later at home. ;)