Monday, March 28, 2011

3.19.11--The beee-CH!!

I love how Malachi says this word...he puts so much emphasis on the "ch". I love little mouths and the silly things they say!! :)

We spent last Saturday at a beach house with my mom's side of my extended family. We always have so much fun together!!

Running on the dock and so glad to be out of the car!!! (Don't worry...GaGa and Daddy were both watching her!!)

There were two dogs this time. A little, calm lap dog named Lexie whom she loved and gave tons of hugs and kisses to and a big one named Diggety, who was alot bigger and just a puppy so she jumped and got excited when my kids came near. She wasn't too keen on Diggety. She found Diggetty's pen and thought it was great!!

He was so excited to finally use his new Toy Story fishing pole GaGa gave him for Valentines day!!
Diggety was out again and Sapphira figured out the cage kept her safe! :) When we were at the beach later in the day, Diggety came, too and was on a leash. Sapphira noticed her a little ways away and waved. Diggety looked at her and Sapphira said "no, no, no" and put her hand up like a stop sign. She wanted to look at the doggie, but she needed to stay over there! Someone brought grapes to share! Both of my kiddos love grapes, but we aren't always able to afford grapes this time of year, so she was so excited to be able to have some! Aunt Debbie was helping her get the stems off. That tongue is stinkin' adorable! :)
He looks so patient here...but he wasn't! :) He could not understand the concept of casting the line out and letting it sit. He wanted to cast and reel in and cast and reel in. After he nearly hooked his ear when he casted too quickly once, Daddy put the plastic fish it came with back on the end so he could just play. So silly!
Reeling in!
Uncle Billy caught an empty clam shell. We have caught inhabited ones once when they clamped onto the bait, but we aren't sure how he was able to hook this one...crazy.
Not sure what to think after we explained to him about the animal that usually lives in it. I love this kid's silly faces!
About an hour before supper, the kids were getting restless. They were tired since they hadn't napped and I think they wanted something new to do since there weren't too many toys at the house, so we decided to walk across the street to the beach. Soooo glad we did. The weather was so nice and there was only a light wind. The kids had so much fun playing with the toys Aunt Laurie let us borrow.
During the whole hour we were there, Sapphira never moved from this spot and just dug and dumped and dug and dumped...she had so much fun! At least she didn't eat any like last time! :)
Malachi really loves digging at the beach, too!
I love wiggly, sandy toes!

We had so much fun on the sand, but only had about an hour so it was a struggle to get the kids to leave. I'm already praying and watching the weather for another good day that lines up with Samuel's day off...maybe I'll have to rearrange my work day to make some more memories at the beeeee-CH! :)

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Melissa said...

It looked like so much fun!! My daughter also loved the beach...but not the water:) Makes me want to go back right now:)