Wednesday, March 23, 2011


(Sapphira-ese for balloon!!) On Natalie's Heaven birthdays, we send her age in balloons to Heaven for her "Heaven party". This year, Malachi and Sapphira drew pictures to send with their balloons. It was a windy day...perfect for getting balloons for Heaven quickly.
Our yearly picture on Natalie's Heaven birthday.

Malachi was so excited to let his off!

There is goes along with his picture for Big Sissy
Sapphira was just so excited about all the balloons (they are one of her absolute favorite things!) and was a bit disappointed to have to let it go. After we told her it was going to Natalie, she full-body-waved at it as it got smaller and smaller.
Three left for Mommy and Daddy.
Off they go!
We can hardly believe it's been five years without you, Natalie. We can't wait to see you again and have you show us the home Jesus prepared for us. Love you so much, sweet girl. Snuggle close to Jesus until we meet again. xoxoxo

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