Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3.14.11--Celebrating Natalie

On Natalie's birthday, we wanted to do something fun for Malachi and Sapphira instead of just sitting around the house fun for kiddos! We took them to a local children's museum that we've never been to before. The kids loved all the different exhibits/rooms and if it hadn't been so muddy and puddle-y, we would have spent a lot more time outside on the massive play structure. Here's the day in pictures...

1. I woke up to find Daddy and Sapphira having some cuddle cute. 2 & 3. these kids love their baths...can you tell? ;)

1. Malachi loved using the scanner in the grocery room and pretended he was a "k-lerk" (clerk...his r's have a boston accent!). 2. Look Momma, a microscope like Sid the Science Kid! 3. Sapphira loved the grocery carts in the grocery room. She quickly rounded up all the carts in the room (thankfully we were the only ones there!) and started emptying shelves. 4. Malachi thought this huge panda bear in the China room was pretty neat.
1. The xylophones outside were a pretty big hit with both kids. 2. I love this picture of Sapphira...she was trying to get to Bubba, but couldn't quite do it...poor thing. 3. Daddy helping Malachi "milk a cow". He had the funniest facial expressions while trying to concentrate.
1. A wall of bubbles! 2. Working together to try to figure out a game. 3. Malachi telling Sapphira all about his lizard.
1. The train exhibit was a favorite, too...both kids loved it!! This model train set had a bubble to climb up into and they loved watching the trains go around them. We are all saying "train!" since the red one (the best one according to Bubba...his favorite color) was going right in front of us. 2. sliding down a dinosaur's back. 3. They both played with this extensive wooden train set for quite a while.
1. Natalie's birthday cake. Malachi picked out the chocolate frosting and we colored the cake purple. 2 and 3. after singing "Happy Birthday" to Sissy Natalie, we got to enjoy her yummy cake.
I found her! While we were outside at the museum, I sat down on a bench near a picket fence. Directly in front of me, this post leapt out to me! Hi Sissy!
Natalie, we hope you and Asher had as much fun on your birthday in Heaven as we did here! We love you!

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