Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bubba's Bad Day...

Poor Malachi, started his Saturday by running into the door nob on his bedroom door. He had all of his lee-lee's piled up on his right shoulder, and went bolting through the door way to go to the living room, but didn't notice the door wasn't all the way open since the blankets were blocking that part of his vision. The lock switch got him right under the eye and it swelled up and turned black immediately. He cried for a minute or two and then asked for milk...? "Do you want some ice to put on it or medicine to make it not hurt so much, Bubba?" "No, Momma, I want some milk. That will help my eye." Okay Bubs...whatever you say.

Picture or Video 763 lovely
The kids spent that morning at my parents house and it started swelling more there, so Boppa had the great idea of putting cold fast food ketchup packets on it to help it go down. What a good idea...they are the perfect size and shape for this owie. This picture was taken later that afternoon after a morning of using the packets. This picture just doesn't show the full damage...it was much darker and puffier than this photo conveys.
Picture or Video 760 lovely
What a smart boy...he wanted to play, but was frustrated at not being able to use a "package" and have both hands available to play at the same time. I noticed him digging through his toy bins until he found his Super Why mask and then disappear into his bedroom. A little bit later, he emerged quite proud of himself. He did run into the walls a couple times since his depth perception was off, but after a couple reminders from us, he just slowed down and was more careful and deliberate in his actions. Silly boy :)

This day was just not a good day for Bubba...in addition to the black eye (which as of today is a nasty green, brown and yellow color and has gone around the inner corner of his eye), he slammed/closed a couple fingers in things, hit his mouth twice, once hard to enough to bleed all over and leave a scabby spot, and then ended the day by scraping his knee while riding scooters with his neighbor friend. Thankfully the rest of the weekend was far less traumatic for the poor boy!

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