Friday, April 8, 2011

Photog Malachi

At Sapphira's party, Malachi asked to take some pictures with my camera. With so many adults around, he couldn't do too much to my camera before someone grabbed it from him! :) He was so cute, walking around, holding the shutter button down for rapid fire pictures like mommy does. He actually got some really good pictures...we may have a photographer on our hands! :)
Picture or Video 653 boost
I do not care for this picture of me, but I think the face he got on Samuel is hilarious!!!
Picture or Video 658 lovely
That's better! Daddy and Papa!
Picture or Video 688 boost
He got Papa to do some pretty silly things! :)
Picture or Video 680 boost
Detail shots of Sapphira's new oven and food.
Picture or Video 679 boost
He must have liked this red purse. (That purple one next to it is the Tinkerbell purse that Bella got for Sapphira...she loves it Bella!!)
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Up close of the range
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I can hardly believe Malachi took this picture! It's one of the only smiles I got of Sapphira all day since she was so shy around all the people and one of my favorite shots of Sapphira ever!
Picture or Video 661 boost
This is GaGa, CC and Granddad CC (my Dad's parents...their last name starts with "C" and "GG" for Great Grandparents was already taken, so CC is was!). He got people to make some pretty silly faces!

He had so much fun, and now asks to take more pictures every time I get the camera out. I may have created a monster! hehehehe

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Ausmerican Housewife said...

That is a really good photo of Sapphira! I think that needs to be blown up. ;)