Sunday, June 5, 2011

5.4.11--Year End Cubbies Awards

Malachi did so well this year in Cubbies! He said all of his verses, can still remember a few of them, and even had a week when he said three verses to make up for a couple weeks we missed when I had my miscarriage. He loved being able to spend time with his friends (especially his best friend, N, who also attended), play games, listen to stories, and make crafts. The last night of club was the awards night (Malachi called it "cubbies ree-wards night") when the kids got the rest of their patches and a little stuffed cubbie bear to put on their vest if they finished their book. Grandma, Papa, Addy, Bella, GaGa, Boppa, and GG and Grandpa GG all came to see him get his awards.

Picture or Video 104 lovely

He was supposed to be singing and saying verses, but instead is waving at his family that he just spotted in the crowd.

Picture or Video 109 lovely cropped

Next, he hugged on my neck...

Picture or Video 110 lovely cropped

...then decided it was time to go stand in front of another kid (facing him of course) for a couple moments. Crazy kid!

Picture or Video 114 lovely

Standing with his silver team waiting to get their rewards.

Picture or Video 116 lovely

His name just got called...

Picture or Video 117 lovely

...and was given a baggie full of badges and the coveted cubbie bear. Here he is holding it up and yelling "I got a bear!!!" Gotta love the enthusiasm!! :)

It was fun to be able to help at Malachi's table and watch all these children learn about God and say their verses. But I have to say, trying to keep track of up to 7 three-year-olds is quite exhausting! Here's to next year! :)


Ausmerican Housewife said...

I did cubbies when I was little. Mom says I accepted Jesus when I was about 4. (I don't remember that.) I do remember my vest though and getting patches!

Melissa said...

Oh how fun!!! My daughter loved Puggles too:) I think they are such great programs:)