Sunday, June 5, 2011

5.3.11--Warm-ish Weather, Finally!!!!

We finally got a day of weather warm enough to play outside without coats or raincoats!! We were all excited to be able to be outside, burning off some energy and soaking in some sun!

Picture or Video 012 Lemon and Honey

Sapphira loves to swing! She says "wee!!!" whenever I push her.Picture or Video 008 Lemon and Honey

Bubba likes it, too!

Picture or Video 014 lovely cropped

Running and running and running!Picture or Video 023 Lemon and Honey
We have to take turns with the lawn fun!

Picture or Video 030 Lemon and Honey

Sadie was so excited for some company outside. It was a long cold winter with not much play time! :)

Picture or Video 042 Lemon and Honey

Malachi teaching Sapphira how to dig (pardon our weeds...landscaping is not a Ramos family specialty!)

Picture or Video 056 Lemon and Honey

Finishing up the job!

Picture or Video 87 Lemon and Honey

My little sweetheart.

Picture or Video 099 Lemon and Honey

Malachi was convinced the Sadie would wants to play fetch with this length of PVC pipe...not so much!

We are definitely looking forward to more warm weather and more happy days playing outside!

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