Monday, July 11, 2011

5.14.11--Bella's birthday!!

We spent part of the afternoon and ate a picnic lunch at a favorite park to celebrate cousin Bella's 8th birthday. It was an overcast day that was much colder than the weatherman said, so we didn't stay long, but long enough to have plenty of fun!!

Picture or Video 555 lovely
Picture or Video 567 lovely
Sliding down the double slide with Bella...weeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Picture or Video 572 lovely
This boy loves to climb. This is one of my favorite pictures of him...didn't know I could love one little boy so much!! xoxo
Picture or Video 664 lovely
Running free!!!
Picture or Video 677 lovely
Whenever we come to this park, Malachi loves looking at "the world". It is made from an old acid ball from a (now demolished) nearby paper plant. Local artists created all the tiles that make up the continents, oceans, animals, and landmarks. It is really quite neat. Our kids love it!
Picture or Video 688 lovely
Looking at the river to see if they could find anything "in-test-ing". They are having a little conversation about it, too. Love them!!!

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