Monday, July 11, 2011

5.10.11--Bubba's Birthday Day

On Malachi's actual birthday, we were invited to another little girl's carousel party who is a birthday buddy! She was turning two so she and Sapphira are in the same Sunday School class, but her sweet momma invited all of us and even included Malachi in the celebration by giving him his own cupcake with candle to blow out!! I just love you C!!!

Picture or Video 476 lovely

Before the party started, we got in a ride on the fun (note Sister won't sit on her own horse...I have to hold her) Picture or Video 461 lovely

He loves riding the horses and picking just the right one!Picture or Video 458 lovely

Picture or Video 480 lovely

Blowing out his special candle
Picture or Video 483 lovely

It was really echo-y and loud in this room...Bubs wasn't a fan! :)
Picture or Video 499 lovely

After we finished our snack, we headed outside to enjoy the first warm day of the year. I brought some bubbles which were a hit with everyone.Picture or Video 515 lovely cropped
Modeling?? Whatever she's doing, she's just plain cute!!Picture or Video 523 lovely
After a bit more time outside, we headed back in for another ride since we needed to get going to Malachi's birthday supper. Sapphira decided it was time to ride her own horse...can you tell how much she loved it? :)
Picture or Video 533 warmer cropped

Malachi chose Red Robin for his birthday supper. GaGa, Boppa, Grandma, Papa, Addy and Bella joined us and Bobo stopped by for a minute after work. We opened a few small presents and got to eat a birthday sundae. It was a great day!!

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