Monday, July 11, 2011

5.8.11--Mother's Day Gifts

I made a pillow like this for both GaGa and Grandma this year. Nothing special, but I thought the sweet little hands were fun. Both seemed to be pleased and my mom keeps hers on their couch. The kids always go and point their hands out as soon as they see it. I love how I was able to get Sapphira's crooked little finger (just like her momma!!) cute!!
Picture or Video 456 lovely
On a side note...poor Malachi was barfing on Mother's Day morning so we skipped church and just Sapphira and I ate lunch with GaGa, Boppa, and Bobo. I think he ate too much junk and played too hard the day before at his party since after he threw up a couple times, he felt much better and his energy and appetite returned. He felt well enough and Grandma and Papa thought it'd be okay to eat supper together that night. At least he got to give one of them their present. :)

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