Monday, July 11, 2011


A good friend of mine was attending a baby shower for a couple who is adopting a boy and girl from Africa and are expected home soon. She said she wanted something that would be different since there were going to be so many people attending and asked me to sew up some felt food for the kiddos.

Picture or Video 756 lovely
I had so much fun working on these! Love it!!! Toast with jam, donuts, carrots, orange slices and strawberries! :)
Picture or Video 770 lovely
Gotta have a blue one for the boy and pink one for his sister! I just love making these! :)
Picture or Video 773 lovely
Another favorite food is these strawberries. This time I made them with crinkly plastic sewed into the middle to a bit of noise. These will be fun to squeeze or chew on! :)

The same friend also asked me to make a stuffed owl patterned after this one from pottery barn kids for a friend of hers. I have never sewed something without some sort of directions or pattern, so this was a challenge to me since all she gave me was the fabric and a drawn out shape to indicate the size she wanted it to be. I had a lot of fun working on this and, since she gave me permission to use the pattern to make more, I will probably be making more in the future. My friend loved it and said her friend even teared up a bit when she opened it. I love being able to make people happy!

Picture or Video 800 lovely

Thanks, R, for letting me work on these for you! I really had a ton of fun! :)

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Melissa said...

Your felt food makes my felt food ashamed of itself! are SO good at it!! And you read my mind with this plush owl! I was online last night "googling" plush owls to make!! SO adorable!!!

kelljo said...

Amy, I LOVE these little goodies. You are so talented!!! Are you selling any of these? If you are...I'm buying :)

Rochelle said...

i love the owl next to the tree ;) thanks again for all your hard work! they are adorable and were truly appreciated!