Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We were invited to one of Malachi's Sunday School friend's birthday party at a local bowling alley. I was really curious to see what he'd think of bowling since he had never been before. He had so much fun and I really enjoyed watching him!

Picture or Video 814 lovley

Talking to a friend before hand. I think it is hilarious that she is just talking away and he's just standing there, looking at her like, "okay..." :) Typical boy/girl interaction! ha
Picture or Video 826 lovely
Trying so hard to be patient while waiting for his turn.
Picture or Video 828 lovely
Here goes nothing!
Picture or Video 829 lovely
Waiting for the ball to reach the pins proved to be very nerve wracking! :)

I took some videos with my phone since his dancing was so cute! At the end of the second one, he is asking for a smaller ball...sorry Bubs, that was the smallest one they had! :(
Picture or Video 839 lovely
He scored higher than all the other kids at the party by 10 points (he's the "M" above the red line). Granted he wouldn't have gotten a single point without the bumper guards, but his score was higher than mine usually is!

The birthday boy had a Cars themed cake which Malachi thought was the coolest thing ever! He was also excited by the stickers and candy in his favor bag. I love that our kids are getting old enough to start having friends and are getting invited to events. It's fun to watch him interact with his buddies and be himself.

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