Tuesday, July 12, 2011

6.4.11--Finally Warm!!

It was finally warm enough to enjoy some watery fun! After Daddy went to work, the kids got their suits on and we headed outside to play in the sprinkler.

Picture or Video 841 lovley

I had forgotten just how much Malachi loves the sprinkler! Picture or Video 847 lovelyPicture or Video 849 lovely
Sapphira is afraid of our dog and won't move off of the back step until we can get her mind off of the dog being in the backyard. Here she is fussing about the dog and is also worried about Bubba in the water. :)
Picture or Video 863 lovely
Finally got her to come off of the step (I may have just picked her up and put her near the water...I can't remember!) and Bubba is trying to get her to go futher in. She likes the water on her but is not sure about this at all!
Picture or Video 871 lovely
Hey, this is kind of fun!
Picture or Video 891 lovely
Malachi found Sadie's Kong toy...
Picture or Video 901 lovely cropped
...and discovered if he put it over the water he could make a "fountain" :)
Picture or Video 923 lovely
She remembered that she was fussing and spent the rest of the time leaning on my legs. Goober!

Here's to more warm weather and back yard adventures!

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