Tuesday, July 26, 2011

6.14.11--Pretty Toes!

(Goodness I'm behind!!)

We watched our nieces for a week in June while my in-laws went on an Alaskan fishing trip. It was a very busy week, but the kids had a lot of fun being able to play together all day long. One evening after Samuel went to work, I pulled out some pretty pink nail polish to beautify the girls' toes.

Picture or Video 930 lovely cropped
All forty...yes forty...pink toes!!!
Picture or Video 947 lovely
Sapphira loved being able to do something like the big girls, and sat very still for the painting and drying process.
Picture or Video 942 lovely
How could I tell Malachi "no, you are the only one who can't do it" when he was asking so nicely and sitting so still?? Daddy was peeved with me, but Malachi was excited to be like his big cousins. He wore lots of shoes and closed toe sandals while Daddy waited for it to all wear off. :)

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