Thursday, August 25, 2011

6.15.11--Father's Day Project

While we had the girls staying with us, we went to a pottery painting place in town to make presents for Papa and Boppa. Samuel and I had already decided to have our kids paint a mug for each of their grandfathers, and once we got there, we picked out a flower pot for our nieces to paint since Papa really likes plants and flowers. We we got settled into our station, we let the girls pick out their as the background color since that's Papa's favorite color and then Bella picked red and Addy chose purple (their favorites!) to doodle with over top. We had Malachi do his painting in red and Sapphira's in purple as well, and then at the end the lady helping us assisted the all the kids in putting their handprints in navy on their projects. They all had so much fun creating, and my kids had never used paints before, so it they really enjoyed the process. I think Sapphira had more on her than she put on the mugs! When we were done, we had to quickly wash hands and run from the store since Sapphira wasn't having any part of leaving...oy! :)

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I kick myself for not getting pictures of the finished product! The girls gave Papa his planter on Father's Day, and then our kids gave Boppa and Papa their mugs the Saturday after Father's Day when we had them over for their Father's Day breakfast. The kids surprised them by serving them coffee from their new mugs. Actually, when I told Malachi to ask them if they would like some coffee, he went over to them and said "Hey guys! Do you want to have some coffee from your new mugs we painted for you? They are a surprise for Father's Day!". What a sweetheart! I was glad we were able to give them something useful (they both drink coffee nearly every day!), memorable, and so fun for the kids to create all mixed into one.

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