Saturday, August 27, 2011

6.21.11--Pool Party!

It was finally warm enough to swim! Once Daddy went to work and we'd eaten supper, we headed to the back yard to play. Malachi insisted on wearing his life vest even though I was sitting with my feet in the pool so he would "be safe". Okay, Bubba, whatever you say! :)

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Of course, our pool time started with Sapphira crying. Here's her progression...screaming for momma to get her out...
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...sitting in momma's lap watching Bubba play...
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...deciding after awhile it might be fun to splash...
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...Malachi trying is hardest to coax her in...
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...finally climbing in to play! Yay Sissy! :)
Malachi talking series
Malachi was telling me something obviously quite interesting judging from his facial expressions. Man I love this kid! :)
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More cheese...along with some brotherly strangulation! :)
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Splashing is so fun!

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