Monday, September 19, 2011

7.8.11--Green Thumbs?

On the way to the coast for the 4th, we stopped at Burgerville to get lunch. Since it wasa special day and the kids had been so good in the car, we let the kids get kid's meals as a treat. They were a little bummed, though that the toy that came with it was a package of vegetable seeds and a plastic cup to plant them in. I talked it up as much as I could, saying we'd plant them as soon as we got home, and if we were patient and took good care of them, they grow our very own vegetables we could eat...they were not impressed. :( One night after Daddy went to work, we went to W-mart to get some potting soil and found these pretty petunias to plant as well.

Apparently, I didn't get any pictures of planting the seeds, but they had so much fun filling the tiny cups with soil, and using their fingers to push the seeds into the dirt. A good evening of messy fun!

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