Wednesday, October 5, 2011

8.11.11--Bubble fun & advice needed!

I love blue hydrangeas...I even carried them at my wedding.  I was excited when we moved into our house and there was a big bush in the front yard, but for whatever reason, it hasn't bloomed again since that summer 8 years ago...until now.  Four flowers on one bunch bloomed...good as it gets at our house! :)

Enter advice giving. These pictures were taken after Sapphira and I got home from a church friend's orange
themed birthday party. Her guests were encouraged to wear their favorite colors, and since Sapphira doesn't have one yet, I made her this orange dress the night before using this tutorial/pattern. After we got to the party, I started to realize how plain it is and just needs something...that where you come in. I just stumped on what to do to perk up this little frock...

 I think the main reason I'm not in love with it is because the pattern on the fabric is more subtle and I usually use fabrics with more contrast between the colors and bolder prints.
I am, however, over the moon with this sweet hair clip.  I used this tutorial from Make It and Love it, but couldn't make the center look right they way she explained.  I took a small retangular piece of fabric, knotted it up, and then hand sewed it down.  Love it! 

Thanks in advance for your help...I'm excited to hear your ideas! :)

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Jessica said...

Beautiful dress and I love the clip!! I think she looks precious! <3

Ashley J @ MommyByDayCrafterByNight said...

Hey! Thanks for linking this up to Ta-Da Tuesdays!! I love the dress...
hmmm... my advice would be to maybe add a cute sash or ribbon around the waist that tied in the back or front to add a splash of color. Honestly though, it is really darling the way it is. I love it!
That hair flower is to die for! Great job:)

xoxo, Ashley J