Friday, October 7, 2011

8.14.11--Winged friend

While playing in the backyard one hot afternoon, this winged creature paid us a visit. We had seen several dragonflies zip around the yard that day, but this one landed and stayed put for at least 5 minutes.  The kids are really into the Wild Kratts tv show and the characters on the program always give their "creature friends" nicknames that describe the abilites of the animal or how they met them.  I'm sure this show was in the back of Malachi's mind when he names this guy Backwards Flyer, "Ford-wards" Flyer (I just love how he says forwards).

 I can't help but imagine the Lord having fun creating creatures like this...look at all those tiny markings.  So beautiful.
Daddy finished up mowing the front yard just in time for Malachi to show him his new buddy and help him get a closer look before it flew away.

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