Friday, November 4, 2011

I should have known...

To say that we are struggling right now with finances is an understatement.  Even with all the extra hours I have been lucky enough to pick up at work, since Samuel is not currently working, and his unemployment is on hold while his previous employer appeals it, covering all our bills is only possible through miracles. This morning, while in the shower (I am finding that I do a lot of my heavy duty thinking and praying there!) I was talking with God and telling Him that I know I need to trust Him and that He will take care of all our needs, but I needed a little help with my trust.  This is something I know that I struggle with and is a big stumbling block for me, so this is a frequent prayer.  A bit later, I found out someone had to go home sick from work so I got to work an extra hour.  If that wasn't good enough, while I was at work, Samuel called to tell me that when he was walking back to the car with the kids after a quick trip at wally world, he found a gift card on the ground and just happened to pick it up.  Once he got home, on a whim he checked the balance on the card...there was nearly $50 left on it!  Thank you, Lord!  I am once again humbled and so thankful that You humor a silly girl like me and send another little reminder that You will provide for us!

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