Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter...Part 2

Onto the fun stuff!
 Easter baskets from Grandma and Papa!!!  I ended up running out of time to put anything together for them this year, so they were super excited about this!  (I'm quite thankful they don't know to expect this at Easter yet...saved my hide!)

 Her own package of bracelets!!!!!
 Quite the haul!

After eating a yummy enchilada dinner, we went outside to dye Easter eggs.  My kids had never done this before and were so excited to try it!

 Malachi's creation...he was proud of the triangle he drew.
 Woooohooooooo!!!!  He was so very excited to see the eggs when they came out of the dye.
 Very serious work...
 I love this picture...they are both so concentrated.
 Bella's prized creation.
 Oh how I love this boy!
 I think he was singing a little song to the egg as it swam! :)
 He was so excited and happy!
"Yay!!! Me did it!"
 So happy to be doing big kid stuff with her brother and cousins!
"Look Grandma!"
 Well, maybe it needs to go back in... I can stir it some more.
 Happy chocolate faced girl!
The kids dyed eggs for over and hour but we only had 2 dozen...these eggs were colored over and over and over.  Some of them had very "special" colors! :)
I just love these kids...more like siblings than cousins.

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