Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Bobo!!!

The kids were so excited for Bobo's (my brother) birthday and couldn't wait to have a party for him.  I think they are beginning to realize that adult's "birthday parties" are quite disappointing! ha  We went to one of Bobo's hockey games and then went to supper to celebrate.  My parents and my mom's parents were also able to come, so a lot of the kids' favorite people were there, making it a happy night!

Since we don't have extra money for presents (and besides boys are the hardest people to buy for!!! oy), we helped the kids make pictures for Bobo.  I asked them what characters they wanted to color for him and printed them out.
Malachi chose Angry Birds and since he is getting good at writing his letters, he also decided to write him a message.  If you look carefully, you can see that he wrote "Happy Birthday Bobo" on the top and side and "I love you" on the bottom.  I just told him which letters to write and helped him with a couple stop/start spots since there weren't the lines like he is used to.  I think he did pretty well!
Of course Sapphira chose Strawberry Shortcake and was quite exuberant with her colors, as she normally only uses one or two colors and just a few small scribbles per page.

They were so incredibly excited to give Bobo their creations and to be able to love on him for his special day.  Happy Birthday Bobo!!!  We love you!!!

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